Sunday, May 7, 2017

I can't believe I'm here again!

Sometimes life gets in the way and BAM, you are right back where you started.  A couple major changes since my last post in 2008:  I had another baby!  That "baby" is now 7 years old and I still shouldn't be carrying around this excess baby weight, right?  This brings me to major change number 2: I have PCOS. For those who aren't familiar, that means: polycystic ovarian syndrome.  A very painful condition where cysts grow on your ovaries but also can be accompanied by insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, abnormal hair growth, acne, infertility, and irregular menstrual cycles.  Fun, right!?!

While I wouldn't change my kids for the world, having babies can really throw a wrench in your body mechanics.

The biggest hurtle preventing weight loss with PCOS is the insulin resistance (and consequently, the resulting hormonal imbalance that follows, because after all, insulin IS a hormone).  So, what's the solution?  Possibly, a ketogenic diet.  A low-carb (or ketogenic) diet may significantly improve weight, testosterone, ovarian function, and fasting insulin levels in women with PCOS. I have been on a variation of a low-carb diet for my entire twenties and into my early thirties.  While PCOS is one of the most common causes of infertility, I did not have any fertility issues with either of my children.  We were pleasantly surprised to find we conceived on our very first try, twice.  In both instances, I can attest that I was on some form of low-carb for many months prior to conception.  It's interesting that I develop PCOS symptoms when I have abandoned a low-carb lifestyle for many years.

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