Thursday, June 12, 2008

low SUGAR MOMMA is here!

Welcome to Low Sugar Momma. I am a mom to a one-year who is eating up a storm. I didn't want him to eat the same processed, carby, sugary junk like most other one-year olds eat. It was time to make a permanent change in our family's diet. In addition, to making our food healthier, it was important to me to lose some unwanted pounds that crept on before and during pregnancy. For the sake of my son, I wanted to feel better and be more active. I want to run around with him and play ball. I want to go to a water park and not feel like a heifer. I want him to be proud of who is mom is and not be embarrassed that she was obese.
So, this is my journey.
I began to eat better August 2007, about 2 months after my son was born. To date, I have lost 35 pounds. I want to lose another 50. It has taken me 10 months to lose these stubborn 35 pounds....that's a mere 3.5 lbs per month! But, I'm still doing it and hanging in there. After all this is a lifestyle change...permanent! Not a fad diet.
I've chosen a combination of Atkins and a paleolithic diet . This means whole, natural foods. Generally low sugar and low-carb. It consists of plenty of meat, eggs, low-carb dairy, a good amount of veggies and some fruit. This diet is nutrient dense! Not unhealthy at all. These are whole unprocessed foods. Anything made or altered by man is not on my diet. I've tweaked the Atkins and paleo ideas to suit my needs and lifestyle. I wanted it to be as wholesome as possible. The diet sodas that Atkins allows are not on my diet (except for the occasional treat). The paleolithic diet allows for honey, which is not allowed on Atkins. But I've chosen to use it sparingly (along with maple syrup and stevia), especially for the recipes that my son will eat, knowing very well that if I eat it, it will not help me lose weight. The paleo diet also excludes milk products. I LOVE my dairy so I have included the low-carb dairy (and some milk for DS) according to the Atkins diet.
Throughout this journey, I will post my weigh-ins, recipes, and blog about my feelings and thoughts about food, feeding young ones and husbands, and the up and down process of losing weight. I hope you enjoy!

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